To manage users, please go to ORGANISATION → Users. A user may be:

  • A software user: he/she can log in the application and do actions according to his/her rights.
  • A referenced person in a processing: he/she cannot log in the application but can be referenced in a processing as a contact, or a person in charge…

To add a user, please go to ORGANISATION → Users → Add a user. To do so, you need the following information:

  • User name: necessary to log in
  • Software user: if the case isn’t checked, the user won’t be able to log in APM, and so won’t receive account details.
  • Title / First name / Last name
  • Email: the user will receive his/her password, so the email has to be valid.
  • Fonctions within the organisation


A user may be:

  • DPO: then, the user may be linked to one or more structures and receive automatically rights to create/modify/validate processing.
  • Relay: the relay is a user assisting the DPO in the creation of the record of processing. He/she can enter and request for a validation of a processing to the DPO. The user has to be linked to one or more structures in order to obtain rights to create/request for a validation.
  • Compliance officier: the compliance officier has the same right as the DPO. This status has to be used by organisation with no DPO.
  • Data controller