Quick Start Guide


Log in

APM is accessible at https://apm.actecil.fr. To use this application, you need an account. To obtain a demo account, please contact ACTECIL at the following link: Ask a demo account.

To log in, you need the following information : name of your organisation, a user ID and a password.


Then, you will be redirected to the APM homepage. The menu at the top of the page allows to navigate in the application.

Users management

Users are any person who appear during the implementation of the record of processing. So, users means both persons allowed to log in APM or persons only referenced in a processing (project manager, contact…)

To manage users, please go to ORGANISATION → Users

You can add a new user with the buttom “Add a user” or modify an existing user by clicking on his/her name in the list.

Software user” option allows to specify if the user will be able to log in APM, or not. If will so, the user will receive a mail with his/her user ID and password.

You need to designate at least a user who will be:

  • either the DPO (if you have a DPO)
  • or the Compliance officier (if you haven’t a DPO)

For more information about the management of users, please follow this link: CONFIGURATION: Add a user

Structures management

Structures mean any entity of your organisation which have a SIRET number. The processing you define next will be attached to the structures.

To manage the structures, please to to STRUCTURES → Structures list

You can add a new structure with the buttom “Add a structure” or modify an existing structure by clicking on its name in the list.

A DPO can be designated for a structure. The DPO will be in charge of all processing of this structure and its subsidiaries. Here, “M. Gareau Aubert” is the DPO of the three structures.

It’s possible to define the rights of users according to the structure. In this case, a user can have a right of edition on processing of the “Telecomweb-FAI” structure but not on processing of the “Telecomweb-Réseaux” structure.

The DPO of a structure naturally has all rights on the structure.

To manage the record of processing, you need to have at least one structure.

For more information about the management of structures, please follow this link: CONFIGURATION add a structure.

Processing activities Record Management

The management of the record of processing is the core activities of APM: to determine all processing of personal data of your organisation, to validate them and to keep them updated all along their cycle time.

To manage the record of processing, please go to PROCESSING → Processing list

You can add a new processing with the buttom “Enter a new processing” or modify an existing processing by using actions on the right of the table.

The cycle time of a processing consists of 4 status:

  • Draft: the processing is being created.
  • Validation: the processing is being validated (Optional).
  • Activated: the processing is being activated.
  • Closed: the processing is no longer used.

A validated processing is no longer editable. So, you need to create a new version if some changes are necessary.

ACTECIL provides some models of processing which allow to create processing faster.


  • Collectivités : Dématérialisation du contrôle de légalité
  • Collectivités : Gestion des PCA relatifs à une pandémie grippale
  • Collectivités : Gestion des listes de chambres d’hôtes
  • Collectivités : Gestion d’un système d’information géographique
  • Collectivités : Lutte contre la vacance des logements

The tasks manager

The task manager allows to track actions to do or which have been done in the context of the creation of the record of processing.

To manage the tasks, please go to TASKS MANAGER → Tasks manager

You can add a new task with the buttom “Create a new task” or modify an existing task by using actions on the right of the table (icons).

Each task is composed of the start date, end date and a list of step to do.

ACTECIL provides some models of prefilled tasks allowing to create tasks faster. Examples:

  • Update the record of processing
  • Compliance analysis of the processing
  • DPO Annual report
  • Website mapping
  • Processing mapping
  • CNIL on-site visite