DPO/Relays Explanations

DPO creation – validation

The DPO (Data Protection Officier) is the person in charge of the protection of personal data and the complicance to the GDPR within the organisation.

Relays creation – validation request

The relay is the person in charge to assist the DPO in his/her missions, in particular the implementation of the record of processing. The relay will able to enter processing in the record, sensitize… but won’t be able to validate processing, the DPO will so.

Person in charge of the validation creation – final validation or not

In APM, a structure can define a person in charge of the validation. This person will receive the validation requests of processing, entered by relays and also:

  • Validate them and transfer the request to the DPO. The processing will be considered as validated once the DPO has validated it. The objective is to reduce the work of the DPO by delegating the verification to the person in charge of the validation. The DPO can only validate the processing.
  • Validate the processing definitively. The DPO will have no actions to do.