APM Documentation

APM (Actecil Privacy Manager) is a collaborative web application developed by the company Actecil whose objective is to help companies manage their processing of personal data under the General Regulation on Data Protection (RGPD / GDPR).

APM is a tool able to help in the accomplishment of the missions of the Computing and Freedoms Correspondent or of the person in charge of the Conformity to the Law “Informatique et Libertés”, to enable him to keep up to date the description of the informational heritage of the organization, to know and anticipate future needs.

To start using APM you can refer to the Getting Started Guide.
APM is also:

  • The registry of the structure as controller
  • The structure register as a subcontractor
  • A tool for making PIA: Privacy Impact Assessment
  • A collaborative platform
  • A task and action planner
  • Compliance monitoring by Structure (progress reports, history of actions)
  • RGPD processes for automation of actions
  • Help in entering the description of a treatment with the raising of alerts
  • Treatment models with pre-filled fields (Simplified Standard, Single Authorization)
  • Automated extractions of the treatment register and the annual report

Who is concerned ?

Any Public or Private Body, professions, associations, which, in the context of its activities, processes personal data within the European Union and outside the European Union.